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gomezsandy 01-08-2022 08:18 PM

installing a bathtub in 5th wheel.
Anyone have any experience installing or having a bathtub installed in a 5th wheel? We are full timers and our rig never moves. Spouse really misses not having a tub and we want to understand all the structural, plumbing and heating requirements of removing the shower in our 39MB and putting in a small tub. Please ONLY comment if you have experience with this and can point us in the right direction.

We understand some may disagree, but we are trying simply to find a structurally and operationally safe way of doing this. TIA you in advance. We are located in northern Florida and would also appreciate any info on reputable installers if anyone knows.

Stuff we know, understand and accept:
1) the need to change our 12 gallon water heater to an on-demand tankless system.
2) the reinforcement of the flooring underneath the tub to support the added weight of water.
3) understand the potential positive and/or negative impact to future resale value of the rig.
4) understand the approximate dimensions needed for the tub are around 45"L X 22" wide with a center drain configuration.
5) understand the potential needed to change out the shower sprayer mechanism, to a tub spout or some sort of combo.

travelin' texans 01-08-2022 09:57 PM

Good luck with your endeavor!
No bigger than the finished tub would be a #3 wash tub may be more economical! 01-15-2022 04:21 PM

Walk-in tub
I would love a bathtub. Safety step walk in tub made in Nashville Tennessee not only is local but they do custom sizes. Short of 5 ft the industry could put in tubs. With on demand heaters that are available for RVs it is doable. They could Rob another inch or two and make it a 5-ft tub. The parks with limited water supply might not like RVS with tubs. I don't know if there's not enough demand for it. But I certainly would love one!

Lloyd 01-15-2022 04:39 PM

My old 2008 Cruiser came with one.:)

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