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Greg C. 03-10-2018 01:59 PM

MorRyde questions
I have made an appointment to have the MorRyde IS put on our 38rl April 12, and 13. I have also decided to have the disc brakes installed. My question is not being a full timer and likely will never be a full timer would you opt for the 8k suspension or stay with the 7k. Is there a noticeable difference in the ride with the 8k. I am leaning towards the 8k since we are planning on traveling to Florida next winter to stay for three months and we will most likely be packing a lot of stuff to take with us. Also when you change to 17.5 tires do you have to change the wheels? A tech at Tiara told me you don't. Also is there a tire shop that sells the sailun tires in the Elkhart area? I currently have the West Lake tires and although I have not had any issues with them yet I am wondering if they have improved the quality of their product since they had those earlier issues.

Greg C. 03-10-2018 02:00 PM

Sorry for the double post.

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