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PsychoBob65 06-09-2017 05:09 PM

Looking for contact info
Good morning everybody. My wife and I have owned our RW now for just over 2 years. We have had a lot of QC issues from the factory from the tanks falling out to the heating duct work falling down in the middle of winter at -20F and pretty much everything in between. The list has been never ending.
Our unit has spent half of its life at the dealer getting countless repairs done because the of poor craftsmanship. Our dealer has been working hard to make this the RV it should have been from the factory and they to struggle with Crossroads and their claim dept to get things covered.

No matter the outcome my wife and I are going to keep our RW and make the best of the bad situations. We would like to contact Crossroads via email, snail mail or phone and speak to someone that might care enough to help us.

Would anyone here on this forum have contact info or suggestions they would like to share. I'm willing to try anything to get my RV up to the standards it should be for 90k price tag.


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