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Railcat 04-10-2015 02:44 AM

Exterior TV
I spent my day overhauling the exterior compartment, I was rather disappointed in hot weather when you wanted to watch the news of an evening that cool air from the coach spilled out the 2 large box shaped openings, which I discovered has no insulation. So I first bought a new mount one that I could place the tv in any direction, it now pulls out of the compartment and can be used properly. I bought some insulation and stuffed as much as I could stuff behind the wall the tv mounts too. I also had to install a longer antenna cable and short extension cord for the extra reach. Here is a link for the mount: Medium Double Arm Locking TV Mount - Mor-ryde International TV1-006H - TV Accessories - Camping World

I was extremely pleased with this mount, it is very heavy duty and made very well. I was surprised Mor/ryde makes the mount.

piper guy 04-10-2015 02:04 PM

When we were at MorRyde getting IS done Gary gave us a complete tour. They build all kinds of stuff from slide out trays to cargo doors for Motorhomes and trailers and the tv mounts. Oh yeah, and really good suspension parts.

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