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Hello All
so what is the standard time people drive pulling a red wood 6 hours 8 hours and at what speed on the highway
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I've done 6, 8 might be tough. To me it really depends on the type road - interstates are easy, the 2 laners can be stressful.

As far as speed, I go with traffic up to 75, again depending on the road and region.
Brad & Dory - Lone Tree, CO
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I typically drive 5 mph less than the posted speed limit and average 6 hours a day.

Ron & Margaret
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On driving days, we pull out between 8 and 9, drive for 2 to 3 hrs, stop at a convenient rest stop, put out the slides (if possible), and have a leisurely lunch, and drive to the next stop. Hopefully between 3 and 4, so we can get set up to have a cold beverage before supper. I try and limit distance to <300 miles or so and fill the truck after dropping the coach at the campground, to be ready to go next morning.

Jim & Mary 2013 36 RL with Titan Disc Brakes Residential Fridge Goodyear 17.5 H rated tires MORryde IS, MORryde pin box 2015 Ford F350 King Ranch DRW
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We are both retired, so we try not to get in a rush. Before retirement we use to hurry getting to our destination, and stayed to the point where is was hurry to back home. Now we limited our days to a max of 300 miles. We drive between 60 and 70 mph based on the road and traffic conditions. Like Jim and Mary, we get set up at the campground and fill the truck so we are ready for the following day. We absolutely love our Redwood 36FL and full-time RV'ing. We feel very blessed!
Bob and Debbie (both retired) with Senior FurBabies Grizz (a German Shepherd mix) and Bailey (a Lab mix)...and sometimes a Grandkiddo or 2! Full Time RVers since July 2013 Redwood: 2012 36FL with sliding patio doors
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Ditto to Jim and Mary when we do travel. No pleasure in getting there in a fight and all stressed out. Life is too short, and it's about the JOURNEY! If I was a good story teller I would share the story of us heading out, and he thought she did it and she thought he did it (filled up he truck). So there we are, careening down the busy interstate AT RUSH HOUR with our giant, heavy trailer dragging each oz of gas out of our tank, which was past "E". It was just like Lucy and Desi in the Long Long Trailer going up that mountain pass. We didn't blink, we didn't talk we just swallowed a lot. Finally, couldn't take it any more, swung off on an exit and found ourselves in one of those very upscale burb areas with the heavily landscaped parkways and BIG TREES overhanging the road... TONS of traffic. Somehow we shoe horned ourselves into a gas station, with me standing in the road stopping traffic and trying to make sure we didn't hit anything on all sides :-0 GOOD LORD. We don't forget to gas up any more. NEVER AGAIN.

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Our Max would be 8 hours a day. Speeds 65-70 MPH on interstates and much slower on the Narrow roads.

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We try to leave about 9 am or so and also stop after about 2 hours for a break and to stretch the legs. Try to limit a normal day to about 325/350 miles but have done 550 a few times. As for speed I like to stay at about 65 mph on the interstates.
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Originally Posted by Francois View Post
Hello All
so what is the standard time people drive pulling a red wood 6 hours 8 hours and at what speed on the highway
We've just started our journey and the few days that we have done have already been longer than expected. Now, we are trying to avoid big cities and toll roads. (Guess what? We hit both of those!)

We planned the trip thru Good Sams, and also entered it into GPS on truck. THEN added it to AAA app on phone. Found out the hard way that all the planning in the world doesn't help when you come across a road that has been closed down due to flooding. Had to let the GPS re-direct us for I have NO idea how many miles to get us back on track.

What should have been a 6 hour day of driving per all the directions, turned into an 7.5 hour day. Figure in unforeseen circumstances.

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Ken & Shelley
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I look forward to the day when we are retired and no longer have a tight schedule to follow while traveling. Until then we will normally drive at least 8 hours, sometimes longer if needed. I drive around 65-70 on the interstate, slower if conditions are concerning.

Dan & Connie
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I did the same thing once in Salt Lake City. I ended up in a gas station that was very difficult to get into. In fact we had to go inside and ask the workers how high was their overhang. The entry to the station also had a huge dip and rise. Never again for us either.
Dean & Pam - SOB
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We are in the same boat and until we retire time is limited. Our longer vacations are to Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach SC.and Fort Wilderness in FL. First day we push and do about 14 hours and then 2nd day we roll into our destination. I usually run around 70 on the highway. Headed home we slow up a bit.

2014 Redwood 36FL and 2015 GMC Denali 3500 DW Duramax
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I've done up to 550 miles a couple of times in order to make time in between majors storms in the mid West, but that is a tough drive. I typically like to do around 300 miles a day. I drive between 60 and 65 depending on the road.
Dean & Pam - SOB
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I gave up on trying to get anywhere fast. We try to get on the road by 9 or 10 and I set the cruise on 55. I get the best fuel mileage and less stress. Usually try to go 300 - 400 miles per day. I like to get somewhere and settle in before dark. We have done over 500 miles in a day but trust me, it's not worth it.
Rick and Mindy
2013 Redwood 31SL, 2011 Ford F350 SRW, 6.7, Crew Cab with Firestone Bags, Titan Disc Brakes
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Had an older fulltimer gentleman told me to travel 2󫎾, drive 200 miles, stop by 2pm, & stay 2 days which we tried at first, but we usually like to stay longer. Typically drive NO more than 300 miles, stop around 3pm, typically drive with the traffic flow & usually stay a week & try to always avoid fueling with RW in tow. We've also had memorable misadventures fueling while towing, makes for a very unpleasant experience.
Danny & Linda
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Currently rvless!
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Being retired, we have no time constraints or schedules. Our longest daily run is about 450 km. (275 mi.) when we transit the US from Ontario Canada to California for our winter snowbird stay. Overall, we take around a month, doing a leisurely transit.

We try to do two or three one day runs from campsite to campsite followed by a two day or so stay in a state or RV park that we like, it gives us a break from driving. We also take a longer break before and after "stressful" legs (like transiting Dallas-Fort Worth!).

Packing in multi miles is something we did pre-retirement, but no longer!

By the way, we almost never fuel the TV with the Redwood connected, with the above driving schedule it gives adequate time to fuel up before we leave one campsite or after getting to the next one.
2013 Redwood 36RL, 2011 F-450, Sat Internet, Sat TV
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We are fulltime and travel & work.
I usually try to travel no more than 350 miles per day but have done 450 miles to 500 miles on a rare occasion.
Traveling 500 miles a day makes for a long day and we are pretty beat by the end of the day so we try to avoid it.
Our typical travel day is about 250 miles so we can arrive mid afternoon and we usually tow at 65 to 68 mph.
When we head up to the Redwood Rally in August we may do longer days, depends on where we are at when we head North. (Hope we are not in South Florida, will try to plan our work schedule to have us further North when we head to the Rally)
As far as getting fuel, I usually use the Truck Lanes at Truck Stops for fuel when we are hooked up, man those pumps are FAST !!!!
Robert & Sheryl
2014 Redwood 38FL
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Our preference is to do 300 mile days. Our longest run was 470 miles, but, that makes for a long day. We plan to leave 7:30 to 8:30 in the mornings and arrive by 3:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon. We generally run about 2 hours then take a 20 minute break for a pit stop, walk the dog and stretch our legs. Driving speed is in the range of 55 to 65 depending on driving conditions and temperature. Driving in 100 plus temperatures gets me down to 55 mph. I have had no tire issues in over 14000 miles.
Guy & Phyllis
2012 RW36RL,DualA/C,KodiakDiskBrakes,TrailAir Tri-Glide,GY_G614's,Mor/RydeSRE4000,HDShackles/WetBolts
2011Dodge3500Laramie,CrewCab,4x4,SRW,Michelins, LongBed,6.7LCTD,3.73,PullRiteSuper5th20.5KHitch, BlueOxBedsaver

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I usually go no more than 5 hours at 60 mph tops, Retired and not in a hurry.
2012 Ford F450 Lariat, 2013 Redwood 36FB
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We try to keep our travel miles at around 250 per day. At times it's difficult to divide a route to a destination into equal segments and we'll do up to 350 if we have to. Always arrive in the afternoon to have plenty of time to set up before dinner or dark. No worries about getting diesel along the way because we have an extra 50 gallon Transfer Flo system in the truck bed. When we reach our destination and we are unhitched we use our Gas Buddy App to find the best price in the area to fill up. Saves $ and stress.
Barton & Marilyn Hammond
Austin, TX

2014 36FB, 2012 F350 DRW,
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