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Marty51 01-25-2019 01:58 PM

Breaker Box
A few days ago I had an electrical problem caused by a bad connection in the camp grounds breaker box. I had smoke coming out of the my panel and of course I ran out and unplugged my shore cord. It apparently fried a TV and the Micro Wave. Now the green light on the panel is blinking. I have pushed the reset and it goes to solid green for awhile then goes back to blinking. I would assume that solid green would indicate all is good and blinking would indicate a problem. Everything else seems to be working OK and I cannot see any visible damage to the panel. Any thoughts / suggestions.
Thank you,
2014 38GK

rickc 01-25-2019 02:23 PM

That is one of the reasons we have a surge protector. I am anxious to hear what people have to say about your issue.

Shane Wood 01-25-2019 08:12 PM

Your converter is more than likely fried.
If there is damage to TV and micro it more than likely took it out to

mhs4771 01-25-2019 11:15 PM

Read the instructions, I know who reads them, but the Blinking Green lite give you the different modes that the Converter goes through.
Here's a snip from the Manual:

BOOST MODE – Indicated by green LED remaining on. The output voltage is 14.4VDC to rapidly recharge the battery up to 90% of full charge.

NORMAL MODE – When the battery is between 50% and 90% charged, the green LED will flash once per second. When the battery has reached
90% of full charge the green LED will flash 2 - 3 times per second. In this mode the output voltage is 13.6VDC and the converter is safely completing
the charge of the battery.

STORAGE MODE – Indicated by green LED flashing every 6 - 8 seconds. In this mode the output voltage has been lowered to 13.2VDC, the RV
battery is fully charged and the converter is maintaining the charge.

MANUAL BUTTON - The manual button has been provided to allow the operator to temporarily override the converter (not recommended) or to
verify the converter is operating properly. For manual operation, Press and Hold the button. The indicator light will soon remain “ON” indicating Boost
Mode. Continue to hold the button and the light will blink rapidly indicating the converter is in the Normal Mode. Continue to hold the button until the
light blinks slowly indicating the converter is now in the Storage Mode. After the manual button is released the converter will stay in the selected
mode. When the battery charge status changes, the converter will return to the automatic mode of operation to prevent damage to the battery

Jim & Mary 01-26-2019 12:58 AM

As far as the microwave goes, try to use an extension cord to plug into another outlet. I almost ordered a replacement for ours until I used another outlet. Turned out to be a problem with the circuit for the microwave. Just sayin' make sure the microwave and tv are really fried.

travelin' texans 01-26-2019 01:35 AM

The lesson here is if you don't have a surge protector/ems, GET ONE!!! It quite possibly would've/could've prevented damage to tvs, microwave & converter & cost less than any one of them.
EVERYONE that owns a newer rv with all the electronic equipment should NEVER plug in without one, either portable or hardwired!!!

ted 95 01-26-2019 11:20 PM

this should all be covered by your fire insurance. just be sure any item you claim has smoke on it. some companies need that for proof..

wintertree 02-02-2019 05:52 PM

Insurance for damage may be prudent to get your unit to an RV service center that you trust for a good look around.... after a suspected possible serious electrical problem...the bonus of piece of mind for saftey for you and your a report that can be used to to make an insurance claim.....which by the way should cover repairs (less the deductible)....I was a RV Tech for years and this scenario was seen far too often.....Be safe and take care....Wes

Elliott & Vicky 02-02-2019 06:30 PM

And most of all, buy an EMS, not a surge protector.

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