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Dometic oven;
I just purchased a 21" stainless steel oven with the 3 burner cooktop. Our coach didn't come equipped with the oven only the cooktop. Has anyone else replaced their cooktop with the oven/cooktop combination? I am thinking that it isn't too difficult? Any help would be appreciated greatly!

travelin' texans 07-16-2018 05:41 PM

We ordered without the oven, as fulltimers we needed the extra storage rather than the oven, we've used the convection/microwave. The microwave has worked as good or better than the oven & I don't have to stand on my head to light it.
To be honest havent used the gas cooktop portion either in about 4 years, DW ordered 2 of the "as seen on tv" induction cooktop & have used them exclusively since, they work great. So if I could I'd replace the gas cooktop with another drawer.
Sorry, no help with the conversion!

Mountainquilter 07-29-2018 03:20 AM

We have the built in oven and no matter what we did, it’ cooks uneven. We now use it for storage and put a Belvile oven in the closet next to the washer. Works like a dream and is an air fryer to boot!

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