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Ford truck guy 08-25-2015 04:14 PM

articulating swivel exterior tv mount
Well , I went and swapped out the standard TV mount for the MOR/RYDE TV1021H 24-0121 Double swing arm. It was an easy swap as long as you pay attention to the center points of the exterior cabinet and the TV. By the way , I ordered it from Makarios RV and had in in a few days..

While doing the swap , I realized that there are 2 rather LARGE holes in the cabinet that go directly into the kitchen table cabinets. Now I know why my family was complaining that they could hear the outside TV inside while inside...
AND there was a fair amount of cool interior air coming out those 2 holes... So I went and picked up a 1" piece of sheet insulation , cut it to size ant used double sided tape to stick it to.. after doing that , I purchased 2 sheets of 1" thick X 26" square ,adhesive backed eggshell noise foam.. I cut that and placed it over the insulation... NOW that area is not only keeping the sound from going in ,it keeps the hot air OUT of the RV...

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