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With the generator prep, it actually goes to the transfer switch first behind the batteries, than back to the panel. The transfer switch is right behind where Jon's cord reel is, which makes for a nice easy install. I'm assuming they just disconnected the cable coming from the back.
Brad & Dory - Lone Tree, CO l 2014 36RL SOLD
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Great thread!! I too, wish they hadn't gotten rid of the curved wood wall. It added class and put the Redwood above others. When I first read about Redwood and how it got started and how they were created with the Baby Boomers in mind, I was shocked when I saw that the batteries are located in an area requiring us to get on our knees to check or service.......not exactly something people over 60 want to do. I thought the same thing when I tried to change the water filter. Very difficult to change unless half the wall is removed first......not exactly what 60+ is looking forward to. On my 31sl, the sewer hookup is located approximately 6-12 inches from the side of the coach, again, I must be on my knees to attach the sewer line. I would love for Redwood to have different switches for each slide. Getting on my knees to lock out one slide is not Baby boomer friendly. On a wish list, I would love to see Redwood offer a residential refrigerator package that has a smaller refrigerator. It would work perfect in the 31sl and not everyone wants a huge refrigerator. OK, done for now.
Rick and Mindy
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We're Listening

Hi everyone!

My name is Jeff Muffoletto and I am a regional sales manager at Redwood RV.

These ideas are really great! I am sorry we have neglected to provide a little more interaction on this forum in the past. However, I am personally reading through all of the current threads to see how everyone's experiences with Redwood are, and will be communicating these experiences with my product manager and my team. I am particularly glad I was directed to this thread by Blue Dogs (I'm sorry I only know your user name).

As I said, these ideas are really good, and I believe it will help our development team make an even better Redwood line.

A few things listed on this forum we are actively researching and developing. We have to make sure everything works well before we can start producing the changes. Hopefully, you'll see some of the "wish list" items in the coming months.

Many of these things we would gladly implement immediately (power cord reel, etc.), but we have to find a place that they will fit properly and efficiently. We want to make sure everything is done right.

We will continue researching, developing, and incorporating your ideas so please keep them coming! I will read them and report what I find - promise!

Thanks again everyone.
Jeff Muffoletto
Regional Sales Manager
Redwood RV
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One of the reasons we went to Redwood was the disk brake option and the 8k axles were icing on the cake! It looks like some of the competitors are catching up, maybe its time to look at the 17.5 inch wheel as an option, and perhaps some optional suspensions!

There were many other things that drew us to the Redwood; pantry, dishwasher, ice maker, quiet AC systems, etc and just beautiful decor. Keep up the good work!
Brad & Dory - Lone Tree, CO l 2014 36RL SOLD
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining in on the this thread. I think this thread will be a great vehicle to gather everyones thoughts and present them to RW so you can see what is important to us your customers.

I would like to encourage everyone to continue to submit your ideas for both lists, the livability issues and the wish list what would make RW coaches even better.

Again thanks JeffM for joining in. I think this is a win-win opportunity for RW and everyone of us the Redwood Owners.
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Welcome JeffM !
Not trying to make it an unwelcome visit... but I have to bring up something that is paramount on MY wishlist!

First, I usually try to help others and really haven't put anything like a gripe out in the forums to list the number of issues with our rv...

But Quality Control needs to be paramount !

Doesn't matter if the item has the perfect layout and the latest whizbang stuff on it, if it's not working, it's not working

I know with a lot of sales and high demand, sometimes output becomes more important than other aspects of the manufacturing process.

Therefore a re-focus on quality control is sometimes warranted...

I promise, issues with a newly delivered rv takes the 'shine' and 'smiles' away faster than anything... and with today's social media, the word propagates faster than a virus.

So, a bit more time on the line should be dedicated to 'getting it right' rather than 'getting it out'.

Secondly, these issues compounded with the boast in the number of people rv'ing now days, and a second hurdle is encountered...

LONG repair/ lead time for repairs at your dealers...
in our case the rv has been at the dealer more than out rv'ing...

The dealers tell me they are awaiting parts and/or approvals from Redwood...
Not sure if that is true or the dealer just has too many repairs to do when they are out 6 weeks before they can even LOOK at your rv... To an owner, who's fault it is really doesn't matter, the bottom line ? we can't use the rv...

Take care of those two items and the rest will take care of itself.

thank you for listening and being online...
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In regard to the power cord option, Tom showed us a prototype at the rally last year. It was located toward the rear of the coach. Looked like a very desirable option but guess it didn't make the cut. It would be a very popular option I believe.
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The following aren't "wish list" items but suggestions to make the Redwood more functional based on our one year experience with our 2013 36RL. Some of these may have been already changed in newer units:

Toilet: Ours failed after a half a year in service, pedal fell off (and I understand others are having water overflow problems). Install Dometic toilets in future models.

Towel Racks: none installed in our bathroom, install at least a towel and hand towel rack in the bathroom.

Sewer pipe location: On our unit the pipe is too far inboard to easily connect the hose especially if the slide is out, I corrected it by using a straight extension (clear one from Camping World). Standard hose holder is also too far inboard to be almost unusable, I installed an 8 ft. one under the rear at the trailer hitch.

Door/cupboard catches: Those brown "C" style catches sometimes give trouble when the inboard end closes with the door open and has to be opened with a screwdriver. If you don't do this then the door/cupboard remains unprotected and stays open in-transit.

Rear electrical hook-up: Not a great location in a lot of campgrounds, the standard supplied cord isn't long enough to hook up to a pedestal without an extension (and one 50 amp cord is heavy enough to lug around thank you!!), relocate the hook up to the side of the RV. This would save Redwood some $$ in the cost of the copper run from the back to the main panel!

Water filter: This is a "mickey Mouse" add-on, the location behind the basement wall makes the filter hard to change (without flooding the basement area) and the bracket was screwed on with one screw, putting the wrench on just turns the whle assembly, not the canister. Aton Ant has done some good mods but relocating the filter to the docking connection enclosure would put it where it would be more accessible for maintenance (some re-design of that area would be necessary).
2013 Redwood 36RL, 2011 F-450, Sat Internet, Sat TV
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Quality Control

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I appreciate everyone's input and comments. As far as quality control goes, please let me elaborate on what we are trying to do here at Redwood (and Crossroads).

First off, I'll say what I'm sure you know - we are all human. Our management is, the guys and gals who build the RVs are, and our dealers are. We make mistakes, and any of us here would be the first to admit it. That being said, we take continuous quality control very seriously. The product manager (who is over the entire line) spends several days a week at the plant with the crew there, and is very involved in quality control and improvement.

As far as warranty work and/or parts go, we have greatly improved these processes as well. Our warranty and parts department is really putting an effort forward to expediting these processes across the board. They give warranty approvals quickly, and in-stock parts ship out within 24 hours. Where the hang-ups occur is when a.) the part is not in stock (usually caused by a supplier shortage), or b.) the part is a supplier part (it is made and comes directly from another company - like a refrigerator part, for example). These parts can take several days to a few weeks. We are currently trying to expedite this as well. Aside from parts, I'm sure you all know that dealers can get swamped (especially at certain times in the year), so this can also play a large part in repair times.

We understand that an emphasis on quality control can solve the majority of initial warranty claims, so we are definitely working towards that goal. I again appreciate your ideas and feedback, and am hopeful that it will help us develop a better product.

Thanks again everyone.
Jeff Muffoletto
Regional Sales Manager
Redwood RV
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In a 40' floor plan it would be nice to utilize more of the outside areas for storage. The outside docking station needs a redesign IMHO and move the water filter to a serviceable area. Seems like Thor needs to learn from NASCAR in they share their ideas from team to team ... Heartland has power cord reals and a docking station that has the water filter accessible. Seems a simple information exchange could expedite the application and eliminate the need to re-engineer.
Yale & Tammy
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