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Hi, Redwood Folks.

GRIPE: You know...maybe it's just me. But in my little life, I've learned that any type of water hose connection gizmo that is made of plastic is going to break...usually within a few months...and always at the most inopportune time.

So, WHAT are these guys thinking by making a wobbly, weak, plastic, threaded hose intake connector for the Black Tank Flush thingy?!?!

QUESTION:Can I buy a replacement intake connector fromthe Redwood folks? Since I expect to live in my 2013 36FB for about 20 more years, should I buy 40 of the damn things...just in case? Or should I return to the garden hose through the window methodology?

Your thoughts are appreciated,


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When you get it fixed. I found that they seem to be very flimsy as well. So I installed a four foot hose full time to there fitting with a quick disconnect on the other end. I have these connections on all my hoses. This way with an in line shut off at the end of the main feed hose I can quickly disconnect my couch supply to the flush supply. I would have added a shut off "Y" connection but I like to let the rinse line drain out on the ground.
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I think I have about 40 of the cabinet latches. Every time I think of fixing the one on the closet, I buy twoand stash them somewhere that I won't forget. I have yet to find any of them
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Been in our Redwood for over a year, dump tanks about twice a week, and mine is still as good as new. Some things you have to handle with a little care. Plastic or composite material is used more and more everyday.Many rv's have the same connection. These aren't made by Redwood, but are purchased from a supplier like most of the other things in your RV except for the structural components.
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Go a rv supply store & buy the brass replacement. If you disconnect original & take it w/ you, you'll probably find a perfect fit, only all brass.
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You could also purchase one of the brass 90 elbows and it would put less stress on the fitting once you get it repaired.Edited by: KenM
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First, if you took all the "cheap" stuff I hear people having trouble with and added it up Redwood could address most of their quality problems with a very small amount of money and a little TLC.
That said.
Although quick connects may be convenient I would never suggest using the same hose for fresh water supply and black water flush. I don't care how many check valves you use. The possible diseases are to numerous to count. Install a 6"-8" flex connector and leave it hooked up.
It's an RV, something else is gonna break first anyway.
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What a coincidence! I hooked up all the things that y'all are suggesting the day I first got the trailer! (I planned it all out.)

I have a brass L connector on the cheap plastic fitting to reduce stress (all my connectors are always brass); I haveNEVER changed the hose, because Ihave a dedicated, highqualityhose specifically attached to the black tank flush; I have a pressure regulator to ensure no extreme pressure might cause the cheap plastic fitting to break; and I always treated it with careso it's as shiny and new as the day I bought it!

In fact, it still looks all shiny and new...laying there on the pavement...after it sheared off because thephysics of the problemis nothing but cheap plastic.


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Hi, All,

Just an FYI....from the Valterra catalog, hereare some ValterraItems for a replacement case folks need to buy one in future. (Prices are bulk.)

I'm not sure which will work for your needs....but this info may provide a start. (I replaced both the drinking water and poop flush plastic intakes with metal intakes, just in case.)


• All water inlets include a brass check valve, garden hose swivel
fitting with gripper and press-in dust plug

• Plastic flange versions with UV Guard will withstand the sun for
years and come standard with a 1/2" MIPT inside connection.
A01-0170LF 2 3/4" Plastic Flange, White, Bulk 60 12.82

• Metal flange versions have a white powder coat finish and a
1/2" FIPT inside connection
A01-0171LF 3/4" Metal Flange, White, Bulk 24 13.44
A01-0172LF 2 3/4" Metal Flange, Alum Finish, Bulk 24 13.44
A01-0176LF Metal Recessed Flange, White, Bulk 60 15.31
A01-0177LF Metal Recessed Flange, Colonial White, Bulk 24 15.31

PLASTIC --> Valterra A71 No-Fuss Flush Accessory Kit; by Valterra; ASIN B005BBV8A4; Price: $19.15


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I use the brass elbows as well. I did accidentally cross thread my brother-in-laws black flush connector on his other brand RV. He ended up purchasing a metal replacement.
Dean & Pam - SOB
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