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Installing a 50 amp service at home for RW

OK all of you electrical gurus, I need some guidance here on the proper way to wire my 50 amp breaker and box for my RW. Any and all help would be appreciated. It may already be posted somewhere and I have just not found it yet. I had an electrician come in and put my service in but inside on my control board it shows that it is still a 30 amp service. Need some help or thoughts on this BEFORE any damage is done.
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Need a bit more info on this issue. But first and foremost, if you paid an electrician to install a 50amp service box with a 50amp receptacle then you should call that electrician and let them know you don't have 50amp.

Is the receptacle a 3 prong or a 4 prong ???
What size breaker did they install in the panel ???
Where are you getting a reading of 30amp ???

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It is a 4 prong receptacle in the box where I would plug in the cord from the camper
He installed a dual 50 amp breaker in my service inside my garage.
I have a panel in my RW that shows what service I have such as 50 amp, 30 amp, 20 amp or Gen.
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I agree, call the electrican back. It's very hard to diagnose without seeing it. If you have a meter check the plug, the slots at 3 & 9 (unless they put it in at some weird angle) when tested together should read 220-240, slots at 3 & 6 or 12 should read 110-120 as should slot 9 & 6 or 12. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I've done it but hard to explain. I don't have the meter on my RW that you're referring to.
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After looking closely at his handy work it looks like he is only using 1 leg of the 110 volt and a jumper from one breaker to the other breaker to supply current to the service box outside. Looks like I will be finding me another electrician or someone that is actually a electrician.
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I guess your electrician is illiterate. I'd find someone else to check out all of his mistakes.
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I agree, find someone else to correct it and send the bill to the first Guy.
Plus, do you know how may wires he ran out to the box?? You need all four or three and a ground rod at your post.
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I am an electrical inspector by trade. I would recommend you contact another electrical contractor and have all of the last guys work checked. The installation is very simple but if you don't know, don't touch. You can post a picture of you home panel interior with the cover off as well as the receptacle wiring with cover off. I can then see the wringing and advise. Remember to turn off power before you open anything. Get a chirp form home depot and check to see if things are off first.
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you need the following
2 blacks one from phase A the other from phase B. That is why you use a 2 pole breaker as it will automatically do this. You have 2 bars from the main breaker. A and B. the breaker in your panel needs to be a twin 50amp. That is how you get your true 120/240v
1 white wire that is your neutral. it is not to be taken off the ground "it is a neutral."
1 green wire that is your ground wire
if what you are saying there is a jumper between the 2 blacks/hots. you are crossing the phases and this is a BIG NO NO.
If this is correct you then need the wire to be sized as per your local electrical code. (size not only depends on the code...length / run comes into play) that is why a lot of CGs don't give the correct voltage at the post due to voltage drop. WONG WIRE SIZE. If you have a 50amp breaker with wire sized for 30 amp then you can fry the wire in the run.
By the way you describe what the electrician did it is not clear. And you seem not to be clear on wiring. PLEASE do not touch this. Call your local inspector and ask for the job to be accepted. And in the mean time turn off the breaker in your panel and don't use it. Your install sounds hinky.
PS 240v can kill you.
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Just got all the wiring inspected. We had the correct breaker, wire size for the length, the right outdoor receptacle box and plug for my 50 amp. The previous electrician had it wired by using one leg off of the main service to the receptacle box for the RW to plug into. After they rewired the connection at the main service in the garage AND at the 50 amp receptacle box for my RW to plug into, everything was checked out again and I now have 50 amp service showing on my panel inside my RW. I can now run both AC's and microwave with out the system shutting down power (protecting my ac's from low voltage) with out any problems. Thanks to everyone that answered my questions.
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